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CBD doesn't get you high,

It gets you HEALTHY!

Your Health and Wellness Journey Starts at the XONCBDSpot!

"This is helping me have more brainpower, less hot flashes, better sleep, better digestion, and more energy! Love the peppermint flavor!

Elizabeth Balderas

Why Take CBD?

Knee Pain

CBD is thought to work on pain in two parts of the body: the site of soreness (such as your finger joints) and the central nervous system, which sends pain signals to the brain when it detects certain stimulation or damage to nerves and cells. It is suggested that CBD has the ability to calm that response.

Aches and Discomfort

Studies have shown that CBD is well-tolerated with few negative side effects which is one reason why many professionals use CBD to reduce pain and inflammation.


When using CBD for post-workout, most people think of it as an anti-inflammatory that helps with muscle recovery. CBD oil is believed to be one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements available on the market today as it used to allow muscles to heal quicker and get much stronger than traditional products.

Restful Sleep

CBD has been known to promote deeper, healthier sleep, which impacts all areas of your well-being.

Optimal Brain and Nerve Function

CBD has been shown to have a calming and balancing effect and to promote neurogenesis in multiple regions of the brain. CBD is being used by students and busy executives because it has been known to promote mental focus and clarity.

Healthy Cell Function and REgeneration

CBD promotes strong healthy cells, by maintaining their regulation and homeostasis.


Welcome to XON CBD Spot where CBD Goes To The Next Level

Xon Xtreme CBD has combined the most potent CBD Isolate with CBG, which is considered the "mother of all cannabinoids," to provide a CBD product with unprecedented impact.

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